Derma Rehab Spot Repair Patches - Targeted Defence Against Pimples, Spots, Blemishes & Blackheads - 72 Gel Patches

  • £8.99

Simple Guarantee Number 1:

We promise Derma Rehab Spot Patches will have a positive effect on your skin within 30 days! We are so confident in the amazing effectiveness of the spot patches that we offer this simple, no nonsense guarantee. You are in charge and decide what you think of the product and the results.

Simple Guarantee Number 2:

We promise that if you try Derma Rehab Spot Patches for 30 days and see no noticeable improvement we will give you a full refund of your money, every penny! You decide. No questions or forms to fill out, just a full refund.

Two Guarantees:

So now with your two Guarantees you know that:

We promise Derma Rehab Spot Patches will have a positive impact on your skin. If you're in any way unhappy with the product you can get your money back. This makes it a pretty safe bet doesn't it?

This really is a No Questions, No Worries, No Hassles, No Risk Double Guarantee.

Either Derma Rehab Spot Patches will work, you'll start to see less spots and a positive improvement in the appearance of your skin within 30 Days or you get your money back.

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  • Derma Rehab Spot Patches - Rapid results in just a few days - Targeted Defence against Pimples, Spots, Blackheads and Breakouts
  • Reduce Redness and Inflammation, Soothes Itching, plus acts as a Helpful Barrier to Prevent Unwanted Picking
  • Easy to use 1,2,3 Directions. After washing and drying your skin as normal: 1 - Peel, 2 - Stick, 3 - Sleep
  • Free from damaging chemical ingredients, will not dry out your skin - Easy to use, fast and simple to apply, work in your sleep, overnight gel spot patches
  • Environmentally friendly packaging, no unnecessary paper or card used - Safe and suitable for those prone to Acne