V55 Max Spot Repair Patch Hydrocolloid Patches 36 Gel Dots per Pack

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The "little miracles" for anyone who suffers from spot-prone skin!

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At last…now you can stop spots in their tracks!

If you’re someone who suffers from frequent spots and embarrassing breakouts, these ‘little miracles’ could be a life-saver for you!

These V55 Max hydrocolloid patches can stop spots in their tracks!

How do they work?

The secret is in the powerful hydrocolloid material - the same material used in hospitals for wounds - and its ability to lower inflammation, soothe the spot and also ‘suck out’ the pus that prevents a speedy recovery.

If you do nothing else, then just check our reviews on this page. You’ll find real-life examples of customers who found V55 Max Spot Patches lived up to the hype - and over 1,400 ratings in total, many of which are 5-star.

Now read on and discover for yourself how V55 Max Spot Patches could change your life - like it has for thousands of our existing customers!

The unique formula goes to work instantly on problem skin - it's so quick and easy...just peel, stick and leave on...

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Here's how it works...

V55 Max Spot Patches are a unique hydrocolloid dressing.

Hydrocolloid dressings have been used successfully in hospital environments for many years. The unique formula in V55 Max Spot Patches is based on a similar formula, but is now being made available to the public - people who want to use the same formula to improve their skin.

It works on three important levels:

FIRSTLY: the hydrocolloid material helps to reduce swelling and inflammation - which is all too common when you get a new spot. Simply use the patch by applying it directly to the offending area (the patches are clear and hard to see, but most people apply them in the evening). You will be able to target the area directly – for targeted results.

SECONDLY: the unique formula helps to ‘draw out’ the pus and bacteria from the spot - meaning you’ll find it’s far less aggressive. Your confidence will rise knowing that V55 Max Spot Patches can handle whatever your skin comes up with!

THIRDLY: V55 Max Spot Patches act as a protective barrier - to help the skin heal further....extra benefit....they prevent you from picking your spots!

Best part: apply overnight when no-one can see - and the morning after, you will realise why they call V55 Max ‘little miracles!’


V55 Max Spot Repair Patch Hydrocolloid Patches Targeted Defence Against Spots Pimples Blemishes Blackheads Also Safe and Suitable for those Prone to Acne 36 Gel Dots per Pack

  • REDUCES REDNESS AND INFLAMATION, Soothes Itching, plus acts as a Helpful Barrier to Prevent Unwanted Picking. V55 Max Spot Repair Hydrocolloid Patches Work by Drawing Out Puss and Excess Oil to Help Clear the Skin More Quickly. Rapid Results in just a Few Days – Even Overnight - Targeted Defence against Pimples, Spots, Blackheads and Breakouts - Safe and Suitable for those Prone to Acne
  • DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY ANIMAL INGREDIENTS. Made from Plant Cellulose these are Totally Safe and Non-Hazardous for Your Skin. Free from damaging chemical ingredients, will Not Dry Out Your Skin - Easy to Use, Fast and Simple to Apply, Work in your Sleep, Overnight Gel Spot Patches. Each Pack Contains Large and Small Dots
  • EASY TO USE 1 – 2 – 3 DIRECTIONS. After Washing and Drying your Skin as Normal: 1 Peel, 2 Stick, 3 Sleep. We do know some customers use them in the daytime, some even applying makeup over the top, but they are mainly applied at night so that the Spot will normally be Visibly Improved by the time you get up
  • CONFIDENCE, SELF-ESTEEM AND MINDSET. We know from Personal Experience how Spots and Bad Skin can have a Negative Effect on your Confidence, Self-Esteem and overall Mindset and Mental Health. It’s No Fun to have to go into School/Work with a Huge Volcano on Your Face that looks Ready to Erupt. It’s time to Stop Letting Your Skin Hold You Back in Life!
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PACKAGING. No Unnecessary Paper or Card used. An Environmentally Conscious Brand we do NOT use Unnecessary Packaging just to make our Products Seem Bigger and Better Value. We Believe in just Supplying our Customers with Products That Work to Earn their Trust and Loyalty


Plant Based Hydrocolloid.


After washing and drying your skin as normal: 1 – Peel off a suitable sized patch, 2 – Stick on your spot, 3 – Sleep.