100 Gold Detox Foot Patches - Finest Quality - 50 Day Supply - 100 Patches

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    • THIS 50 DAY SUPPLY OF 100 GOLD DETOX FOOT PATCHES (One patch per foot every night) comprises of the very best Quality Luxury Detox Foot Patches available today. Each patch contains the absolute finest pure and natural ingredients carefully formulated to draw out toxins from your body
    • DETOXIFYING THE BODY THROUGH THE FEET is something the Japanese and Chinese have been doing for centuries. Users of Detox Foot Patches may see: Much improved sleep quality, Improved circulation, Boosted immune system, Clearer skin and lymphatic system
    • HOW DO DETOX FOOT PATCHES WORK? The process works through the lymphatic system; the Detox Foot Patch drains the lymphatic system through the process of osmosis. It’s the same process which enables water from the roots of a tree to transport nutrients to the tallest leaf 100 feet up
    • THE MAIN INGREDIENT IS BAMBOO VINEGAR. Research conducted by the Global Healing Centre has found it is a liquid that forms during the process of bamboo charcoal production. In Japan, organic bamboo vinegar is regularly diluted and used as a skin toner and sometimes as a hair conditioner. It is believed to have broad and varied health benefits, such as eliminating foot odour, softening the skin, relieving itching and insect bites and improving blood circulation
    • OTHER INGREDIENTS AND BENEFITS: TOURMALINE CRYSTAL, a natural emitter of negative ions and infrared that is thought to stimulate reflex points on the soles of your feet; DEXTRIN is a naturally occurring fibre which supports your body’s ability to remove wastes; VITAMIN C: (also called ascorbic acid) has many important functions. Including: Helping to protect your cells and keep them healthy, helps maintain healthy skin, blood vessels, bones and cartilage. Can also help with wound healing

    How To Use: Peel off the back of the pad to reveal the adhesive surface. Carefully stick the patch to your foot with the adhesive side in contact with your skin. Wear in bed for 8 hours to get the maximum benefits. You can wear a sock over the pad if you wish. In the morning you will see the pad has changed colour and may have a mildly unpleasant odour.

    Our Detox Foot Patches each contain pure and natural ingredients carefully formulated to draw out toxins from your body. They are the best quality available and represent excellent value for money.