Captain Jack's Pirate Beard Oil Conditioner Limited Edition Coconut Fragrance 100 Millilitre

Captain Jack's Pirate Beard Oil Conditioner Limited Edition Coconut Fragrance 100 Millilitre

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  • PH Balanced & Paraben Free
  • Each Bottle Lasts up to 4 Months
  • £1.59 per 10ml - Best Value Beard Oil On The Planet
  • New Limited Edition 'Coconut' Fragrance
  • Condition your beard, before it's too late. Read and heed this cautionary tale lest you suffer the same fate as the legendary pirate 'Lord Smitherton of Rochester' commonly known as 'Captain Crow's Nest Beard' . . . . .

Renowned for his dark, huge and wildly unkempt beard he was a formidable figure, and a ruthless pirate. There is even a rumour he once killed a man using just his beard. Truly he was the very thing nightmares are made of. But sadly his huge and straggly beard was to be his undoing.

One night while celebrating the vanquish of a rival pirate with flagons of ale he stumbled into the street to relieve himself, tripped into the gutter and his long unkempt beard was caught in the wheel of a passing cattle cart, it took only seconds for his head to be wrenched clean off, to end up rolling down the hill. If only his beard was well looked after, he may have lived longer than his short 27 years on this earth.

Maybe it was a good thing he was taken from us so he could no longer run rampage on the seven seas. His first mate Jack became the new captain of his ship and vowed never to shave his face, in honour of his lost Captain.

Jack was wise and vowed not to suffer the same fate as his wild bearded mentor. He searched and searched on his travels and came up with a unique treatment to keep his beard well conditioned, scented, and free from snags, loops and knots - that could potentially lead to his downfall.

Captain Jack's Pirate Beard Oil Conditioner was born and Captain Jack lived a long and prosperous life, some say he still sails the seven seas with his beard flying in the wind . . . . .


Safety Information:
Do not use near eyes. For external use only. Keep away from children. Seek medical attention if swallowed or if in contact with eyes.

Apricot seed oil, crambe seed oil, argan oil, lime essential oil and coconut fragrance. PH balanced, paraben free.

Apply a small amount daily to a clean beard. Massage into roots. Use larger quantities on bigger, denser, bushier beards as required. Each bottle will last 3-4 months.