Optimum-FX Cold Sore Patches - 15 Hydrocolloid Patches per Pack

  • £4.50 GBP

  • OUR CLINICALLY PROVEN COLD SORE PATCHES Help Speed The Healing Process of Your Cold Sore And Avoid Painful Scabs
  • GIVE YOUR COLD SORE 24 HOUR CARE DAY AND NIGHT - Cover and Isolate Your Cold Sore To Help The Body’s Natural Healing Process And Reduce Painful Sore After Effects
  • ACCELERATES HEALING - Can Be Used Continuously – Significantly Prevents Scabbing – Each Circular Patch is 15 mm in Diameter – Self Adhesive And Really Easy To Apply
  • PROTECTION - Acts As a Barrier To Lower The Risk of Passing on Your Cold Sore to Someone Else
  • SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN To Work Just as Fast As Cold Sore Creams – Plus No Messy Creams To Apply So No Sticky fingers!


Safety Information: 

Does not provide protection from the sun.



Hydrocolloid patches.



For best results start use as soon as you feel the tingle of an oncoming cold sore. Apply to the area with clean and dry hands. Can be used 24 hours per day. Each patch lasts 8 - 12 hours. For optimum results use patches continuously one after the other.