Organic Turmeric With *BIOPERINE* (Black Pepper) - Pure POWDER Not Capsules - 500g

Organic Turmeric With *BIOPERINE* (Black Pepper) - Pure POWDER Not Capsules - 500g

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  • REAL Organic Turmeric Powder WITH Added Bioperine (Black Pepper Extract)!
  • Yes, there are other turmeric powders on Amazon - but NONE that we know also add Bioperine, which has been proven to help INCREASE the absorption of the nutrients in turmeric!
  • Used for inflammation, for joints and arthritis in BOTH humans and animals
  • Can easily be added to food, mixes, or can be taken with milk or other drinks - as it's in powder form, this is totally flexible.
  • Check out the PROVEN research online for how Bioperine and black pepper extract can improve the POWER of turmeric - then use this powder in your own life!


Organic turmeric powder with added BIOPERINE.

This is one of only a few powders available anywhere to buy that is NOT ONLY organic turmeric...but which also includes Bioperine for IMPROVED absorption. If you're going to buy turmeric - buy the best and buy it with Bioperine.

Safety Information:

Do not exceed started dose.


Joint pain, arthritis, inflammation


Organic turmeric,0.5% Bioperine Powder (Black Pepper Extract)


Take 1-3g per day with food and water